Thursday, 5 September 2013

Elizabeth Taylor, my diamond


Hello, my pals and gals! It is I, Marcie! I presented a seminar today and it went well thank god, so to celebrate, I come to you with a new post! I come to speak of a woman I learned to love. She walked in by coincidence, and elegantly swept my heart away. 
The story about how Elizabeth and I became friends - this is how I'm beginning to call my favorite stars, I'm well aware of the implications of that word and I still consider its use appropriate - is quite unusual, as it began, of all places, on Instagram
I, having liked Elizabeth for a long time, had found a beautiful picture of her and Richard Burton kissing at a party, and, after I applied an interesting filter, posted it. To my shock, I was bombarded with questions from my friends as for who I was kissing in that picture. Me? 
After I clarified that it was not me, but Elizabeth - although I would not mind kissing Richard Burton, I'll tell you this much - my friends began pointing out similarities in our eye and face shapes, body types and usual hairstyles. We don't look much alike, but the conclusion is that Elizabeth and I are the same "type". Small girl with big eyes, big hair, big brows and big curves, the bombshell type so uncommon in today's media that it almost looks old-fashioned. And fuelled by that fabulous compliment, I began a search on her life and works. It wasn't long before I was hooked on Dame Elizabeth. 

I became addicted to her Youtube interviews. Her sense of humor, her beautiful laugh, her incredible remarks, drove me crazy. She knew what to say and when to say it. "Are you a lady that has shown her talents on the Broadway stage before?" Bennett Cerf asked her in an episode of What's My Line. "Thank you for calling me a lady, and for saying that I have talent, but no!". I was in awe of how genuinely nice she was, and sweet and funny. In one interview in which she talks about her AIDS foundation, the interviewer stopped for a minute and didn't say anything. Elizabeth stopped too. The interviewer finally said "I'm looking at you in this well-lit room and I have to say, you are absolutely beautiful." She gave her a subtle smile and answered "Well, thank you very much". In another interview, this time with Arsenio Hall, he talked about her happy marriage, her success on the screen, her beauty and fame, and said "You probably have everything". She looked him straight in the eye and said: "A girl can always have more". I fell in love with her personality, regardless of her talent as an actress, which I had forgotten all about. It had been probably 7 or 8 months since the last time I saw her on my screen. 

I did a rewatch of Suddenly Last Summer one day when I was not feeling too good about myself and wanted a high dose of Kate, but at this time I also was able to focus on Elizabeth and her impeccable acting. They say the studios failed to provide her with acting classes, so she was a natural, but having done it since she was 10, she must've learned very much. Her performance in that movie took my breath away, and I was determined to see more. As I did a rewatch of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf I knew that she was one of the best actresses in history and should never have left my top ten. But it was when I found an old Cleopatra DVD, that my friend had given me for my birthday and I never got around to watching it, that my heart was truly taken. 

In the movie she sole my heart - with the man that helped her do it.
First, she was so goddamn beautiful. I know I'm repeating myself but I cannot get enough of her beauty, her charm, her elegance. But somehow it didn't distract from her incredible performance - it couldn't, when she was rigorously flawless for four hours straight, from the subtlety to the screams, every single minute she blew you away. It's not easy to play Cleopatra, but Elizabeth did it with mastery, making me glue my eyes to screen every time I sat down to watch it - I had to split it into four parts and watch it on 4 separate days, ah! The things I do for my stars when I have no time for them! Because her scenes with Richard Burton were my favorite (fuelled by an ardent real life romance as I later came to find out), I proceeded to watch "The Sandpiper", another beautiful Taylor-Burton collaboration and another sensual, romantic, and thrilling performance from a couple that is walking towards becoming my favorite.

And now I feel like I discovered her by a sweet coincidence, but she is like one of her beloved diamonds - so precious, so unique, so lucky I am to have her. Such talent, such grace, such loveliness, such qualities that I never expected to find. Burton said it best: "It’s no use pretending that you are an ordinary woman." She is utterly irresistible. 

Elizabeth and I may be the same type of beauty, but there are so many things about her that I envy. Not I nor anyone else in history has equaled the depth of her beauty, the sophistication of her perfect exterior combined with the volatility of her fiery interior. No one has experienced her lighting rise to fame, with the hungry yearning for a normal life boiling inside her ample chest. No one has felt the same degree of childlike emotions trapped inside such a blatantly womanly body. She is a singular masterpiece that no one in their right mind would expect to be repeated. There never has been, and there never will be another Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. 


  1. What a great story! I actually joined Twitter because she had an account, and was devasted when she died. Yet I'm not very fond with her voice (but I believe mine may sound a bit like hers), I love her movies. Try watching A Place in the Sun, it's awesome.
    Oh, and I also have to split Cleopatra in several days when I watch it!

  2. Truly one of a kind! I can't get enough Liz & Dick...I'm addicted to their passion! I watch The Sandpiper once or twice a week & still can't get my fill! Sounds crazy but I miss them like they were family.

  3. I've heard Elizabeth Taylor say a few times that she didn't have talent, and I don't get it. Her performance in "Suddenly Last Summer", as you pointed out, is superb - as she is so many films.

    Thanks for a wonderful tribute to a remarkable woman.

  4. Thank you, fellas! I'm glad to see Elizabeth is beloved by so many. She certainly deserves it. And, Danny, I can certainly understand this feeling!

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