Thursday, 18 July 2013

Happy Anniversary to Best of the Past!

Hello, my pals and gals! 
It turns out that my plans of becoming a more prolific writer have failed miserably. I blame it partly on my professors, who seem to go in and out of strike as they please in a matter of days - but also at the horrifying case of writer's block that afflicted me as a result of my stress in dealing with the changes in calendar and new exams and projects coming up as a way to make up for the messed up schedules. What can I say - things that work properly in this country are not the rule, unfortunately, but the exception. 
But fear not, my lovely readers, I have been thinking of a plan to organize my writing schedule and not only be fully capable of managing this blog, but also of fulfilling my desire to maintain a personal one, a desire that I have very briefly attempted, but ruthlessly abandoned after a couple of posts. Shame on me.

Well, in this post I come to inform of rather exciting news: My blog has turned one! 

And here is a picture of Humphrey Bogart when he was as old as this blog. Aw. 

The anniversary is not today, mind you, but if I'm honest, I myself am unsure of when to celebrate the milestone. I created the blog in the literal sense on the eighth of June of 2012, in a rainy, grainy night in Gay Paris. In that same day I made my first post. But, it didn't fully take off until I received my first comment, and then wrote my second post, one that was published on the 29th. Then, to me, it became a real blog, rather than just the prototype of one. 

The problem? There are far more important matters to tend to on the 29th of June: Katharine's death anniversary, which I mindlessly forgot when I made this blog's second post, and caused it to be about something else entirely. Now, for the many more years that I hope will come, I have decided to celebrate this blog's anniversary on the day of its creation: June 8th. June 29th will remain the day of remembrance of my lovely star and things will carry on just like they used to. 

So, as it happens in every milestone, it is time to look back. Seems like looking back is all we do in this blog isn't it? Well, us classic movie folks are a nostalgic bunch. 

I have to say I would give my left lung to go back to the time when this blog was first created, back when I was living in a tiny room in the attic of a seventeenth century building in the heart of the Quartier Latin, my spirits pumping every day with culture and glamour, when my life consisted of learning the local French, doubling my weight in macaroons and attending late night screenings of my favorite classic movies in the Action Christine (which I now see is having a Billy Wilder festival - home!), the best movie theatre ever presented to mankind.  

Bonjour, Paris!
But living as many things as I have lived in the past year, I have learned things I was unaware of before, and became a more mature and well-prepared person than I was before. Paris gave me the illusion of a romantic life, a flawless life and unlimited potential, which ended up giving me the wrong idea that life was easy and beautiful all the time. I have since discovered the harsh truth: That our goals in life demand an absurd amount of hard work, and when it comes to effort-to-outcome ratio, you really do get what you pay for. Hence, my sporadical disappearances on this blog - I wish I had chosen an easier path.  

Blogging gave me the satisfaction of expressing myself to an ever-growing group of people, who, in agreement or otherwise, always have something to add to the mixture. It's become a beautiful experience of sharing our passions in the most multiple ways and I have felt comfortable in revealing bits of my life and my thoughts that I never expected myself to show. Plus, with this blog I have come to a point where I thoroughly enjoy myself when I'm writing, and almost always am pleased with the final result. It's a self-confidence boosting experience when one finishes writing a piece one is particularly proud of, and I owe such an experience to myself. This is the reason why I don't think I will abandon this blog anywhere in the foreseeable future. 

And, now, let's look at what the future holds for Best of the Past (Best of the Future, if you will): I have planned a change in the overall look of the blog. I hope you notice that the pictures in this blog have been slightly edited. It's a part of my plan to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I have plans for a writing schedule, so that my slacking off becomes less and less recurrent. And I also will do my absolute best to continue using my personal blog, which will also undergo a complete makeover. The only thing I can say at this point is that I'm excited - and sure as hell hope you are too.

Thank you for sticking with me for a year, my gals and pals. I have never thought this nickname to be more fitting before, for you have truly become my friends. Each and every one of you has helped make Best of The Past what it is today: One of my proudest achievements, a pricelessly enjoyable part of my life and, hopefully, a source of information and entertainment on the interwebs. It doesn't matter when you found out about me, how often you comment or if you don't even know my name; he who writes is never alone. 

So long,


  1. That
    I'm so glad I've found your blog, every time there is a new post I know I'll read something good.
    Happy blog anniversary, the first of many!

  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging!

    Your blog is always a pleasure to visit and I look forward to many years to come of enjoying reading your blog.

    P.S I love the new look :)

  3. Hi Marcela! I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I'm such a fan--your blog is fantastic. It's actually inspired me to begin my own blog, which I sincerely hope you can check out sometime. It's called Love Letters to Old Hollywood--please let me know what you think!

    Congrats on the anniversary, too!