Sunday, 23 June 2013

Today's Blog is a Vlog!: What is going on in Brazil? + Movie Bits and Pieces

Howdy, pals and gals!
You said you liked the style, and it's about all I've got time for.
Here's today's vlog!

Forgive the appearance. It was 7:30 a.m. and I'm not a movie star!

So long,


  1. Yeah, Brasil is all over the news right now... I never knew for sure what was really going on, because reporters are not trustworthy, of course -- at least around here.

    You wake up at 5AM?? HOW?? Isn't it dark yet? Though I guess it is true that around these parts people wake up pretty late... anything earlier than 8AM is a scandal, see.

    Also, some really cool dvds you got there. There was an issue with my net connection, I can't seem to load the video any further. I'll be sure to check it out again later.

  2. Hi! Nice to know your opinion. I didn't take part in the protests, since in my city 99% of the protestants were there only for the mess. Well, a bus was put on fire, so in a relatively small city, it's something impressive. I don't see things changing in a near future in politics.
    Recently I saw a two-volum book on film, but it was way too expensive. Happily, I bought a book on film noir that same day with 50% off.
    I love Janet Gaynor! I have many of her films downloaded, like Lucky Star and Street Angel, but haven't watched yet.
    I ahve to choose Mr Smith goes to Washington as my favorite Capra movie. Jimmy Stewart is so amazing in ths film, and more, h says my name when trying to guess Jean Arthur's first name!

  3. "I like natural things like the sun and Ingrid Bergman." lol Marcie I love ya :) The Tracy/Hepburn box set is perfect and the price is incredible, only somehow in my copy, halfway through the Sea of Grass, the DVD switched into the second half of a modern movie? I mean there was literally half of another movie on my DVD lmao but it was only Sea of Grass so it's ok. Watch Aresnic and Old Lace and You Can't Take it With You if you haven't already, they're both super cute :) And lastly, I loveee this new vlog thing! Take care xx