Saturday, 29 June 2013

One decade without my hero

It’s all over, Red.

Silence will fill your lungs,
Darkness will fill your eyes
And eternity will grasp forever
The part of you that never dies.

That’s it, dear.

That was the last smile you set free.
That was the last time you looked behind you,
And was the last sight you’ll ever see.
And it’s only two thousand and three.

It’s been ten years, now, friend.
And I don’t think we’re used to it.
There’s still a void that spells your name
And an empty place where you used to sit.

I’ll promise you this instant
That so long as I’ve a voice to speak
There’ll be one name escaping my lips
And forgotten you will never be

In five seconds you became my hero
Your spirit fit me like a glove
Your voice echoed like no one else’s
You were almost too easy to love

I was trapped in fear,
When you rescued me
And you showed me a life
Like I wished it would be
It was there and saw it,
I was finally free. 
I wish you could’ve known
What you have done for me.

Seeing your face reminds me
That I can be a missing link
And every time I feel alone
It’s you giving me a wink
Saying “It’s fine, kiddo,
Or, at least, I think.”
When I looked at you, I knew
And someway, you knew it too
It would not end right then and there
Who else could it be but you?

After a long and healthy life,
We have lovingly laid you to rest,
Certain that of what the world can offer
You most definitely took the best
And like that cold night in Gay Paris
As I stood underneath the rain
And I thought of my life thus far
So much time I spent in vain
And at that moment I believed
That your hands were moving mine
That your words would take my heart
And everything would at last be fine.
And it’s that unspeakable energy
Flying around me like a dove
That makes me believe you know it
And you do it out of love.

I will always feel it, friend
The pain of not having you,
In the happiest night of life,

I’ll have that reason to be blue.
Remember what you couldn’t do,
But, promise me you’ll also remember
That night I laid down crying
In that sad, sad, December
Who was there to offer me solace?

Why, who else but you?
The cheekbones of solid gold,
The soul with a ring of truth
And I’m so sorry that you’re resting now
So I can never tell you why
You’re still living just as much
As long before the day you died.

This long rest now lasts ten years
But I will now, like every day,

Ask you, if you please, my star,
To, once again, show me the way.

Ten years without Katharine Hepburn, June 29th 2013


  1. I'm always surpised by your use of the words. This is the most wonderful poem I read in a long time.
    I've never written specifically about Kate in my blog, only about her films, because I don't have words for what she means to me. She is simply the kind of person I want to become. People as special as her shouldn't die. But maybe they don't. They stay alive in devoted fans' hearts.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Lê, it means a lot to me, both for what you think of my writing and for what you feel about my homegirl. You're absolutely right, she should be alive, and as far as I'm concerned, she is! Kisses!

  2. This is lovely poetry, and so moving! Thanks for sharing.