Monday, 21 January 2013

More poems!

Hello my pals and gals!
So, since time has been short (as usual) and I wanted to give you guys something interesting this time, I dug up a few other old poems I wrote about Old Hollywood! While the previous ones I posted were basically dedicated to specific stars, these ones are more based on movies. I hope you'll enjoy them!

It's a Wonderful Life 

Your cheeks are pink like the dress
You wore that Saturday night
It was a dancing contest
Love at the first sight
We sung beneath the dusk
It was the summer air of June
And before I knew what hit me
I was lassoing the moon
I married you a cloudless night
We led our lived the quiet way
With four little children, lots of friends
And a smile on our faces every day
Until our world came crashing down
And I thought there wouldn't be tomorrow
Our love was suddenly not enough
The entire town was moved with sorrow
I wanted to quit and leave this life
I didn't think I deserved a chance
I didn't think of my mom, my kids
I didn't think of our very first dance
And then I climbed
And darling I'd be damned if I didn't jump
I didn't think of what you'd be without me
All I wanted was to leave this dump
And then he came 
An angel to save me from this mess
He said to thank my lucky stars for him
And all my troubles, to him, I could confess
I said I wish I wasn't born
Life was just too damned a deal
So he decided to show me truth
And I embarked this whole ordeal
I saw, the world, Mary, without me

I saw the friends I wouldn't have met

I saw the people I helped get through
And put a roof over their heads
I never thought it would be that way
And when I came back, Mary, I knew
I need to remember it every day
There's nothing better than knowing you
And when we needed them, there they were
The people we called our own
It was still our broken-down shack
But then I felt in a silver throne
I learned that all I will ever want
Is for you to be lovely wife
And as long as we still have each other
It will always be a wonderful life. 

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

With the slam of a door, the world goes grey
All she knows is the dues she was born to pay
Her sparkle now belongs to her sweet yesterday
And the smile she had known, like the wind, blew away
She tries to break free from the windows above
But her body is so brittle she feels more like a dove
She can never tell what the other's thinking of
How to mimic affection where there never was love?
It's always more than fate intends
The snap of a spine, of a life that ends
She hopes nobody ever else pretends
That all this time, they could've been friends


It's too late to choose to die
I leave you with but a sigh
And the silence of a broken cry
In my heart I know you'll be fine
And of all the gin joints through space and time
I hope you always walk into mine

So long,


  1. My favorite is the Baby Jane one: as epic as the movie itself!

  2. loved them, really nice Marcela. I agree, the one that honors Baby Jane is great!