Thursday, 27 December 2012

2012: A look back

Hello, my pals and gals!
Holiday, a New Year's Eve movie

I hope this post wont bore y'all to tears, but I don't think I'll be able to help but get slightly personal.
So, the year of 2012 winds down to an end, and I must admit that I'm sad to wave goodbye to my favorite year in the eighteen in which I've existed. All I can say about it is that life surprised me with how good it can be. Really, what can be better?
A series of very important things happened, starting on February 14th, that instantly became my favorite date after my birthday. I've decided to celebrate it every year, because it wasn't the start of my life, but it was the start of a new life, a new me, with a new outlook, a new vision and all new reasons to be in this world. I've never been happier.
Allow me to expand.
On February 14th I was the third youngest person in my state to be accepted into medical school. After a long year of studying and struggling 24/7, I was given the biggest and greatest gift I've ever gotten. I was to start in August and to have the six months of rest I so longed for. I had decided to do two things on this break: first, discover a new hobby. And second, think about nothing else other than lil' ol' me, enlighten myself on who I am, who I wanna be and what I want my life to represent. sounds selfish and, to be honest, it is.
All my life, I have nurtured ideals of great achievements, great self-sufficiency and a great future ahead of me. To help me along the way, I've always had, I'm proud to say, a capacity to channel my energy toward a goal and I've always been the most impetuous and stubborn person I have ever met. It was this year when I had a first taste of my dreams coming true. After 12 years of feeling absolutely isolated in the same school, I realized the value of my individuality in this world. And, my first goal, "to find a new hobby", had much more to do with it then I ever realized.
It turns out my "new hobby" was just what I've been babbling about for the past six months: classic cinema, which eventually wound up to cinema in general. This beautiful form of expression inspired me like nothing else did. It introduced to me a new world, one that comforted me, showed me a different, more beautiful and poetic reality, in which I could seek solace and a fuel to continue. And, most importantly, it reminded me of what if felt like to be fascinated, after a hard year's studying for the robotic and mechanistic university entrance test. I was finally able to put all that behind me and remember that I can marvel at the world again. Not everything is the endless bore fest that 2011 represented to me.

Greta Garbo in my first silent, "The Mysterious Lady"
Let's take a look back into what happened with classic cinema and me in 2012:

February 14th: I get accepted into med school, and stumble upon a Casablanca DVD. And then it begins.
February 17th: A woman named Katharine enters my life and, by George, did she stay. Bringing up Baby did the trick.
Late March: I go to Paris for a three-month long French course.
Early April: I get a hold of Me, Stories of my Life. Thank you for this one, K. H.
April 21st: I turn eighteen in Paris and watch The Philadelphia Story, my favorite movie, for the first  time.
Mid-May: The professors of my university go on strike.
June 8th: This blog begins.
Late August: I win my first Award involving classic film, with one of my proudest pieces ever: Katharine Hepburn and the rise of feminist cinema.
December: Professors go off strike the longest strike of their history. I've seen only two movies since.

It'll be difficult, as I have very well realized recently, to keep this hobby that became so important to me after university fully took over my life. But I need to face the hardship and carry on watching films, researching about them, writing about them, finding new people and new stories that may inspire me and make as big a difference in my life as these ones had.
And this is why in my New Year's Resolutions (yup, I'm one of THOSE people), there are some related to film. Let's see?

2013: A look forward!

Kate frowning at the fact that I barely have time for her
anymore. I'm sorry, dear. 
Resolution numero uno: Commit! I will try to watch at least one movie a week. I know after a hard week's studying, one gets lazy and even a precode of an hour and fifteen minutes seems too long. But I want to learn, and there's no other way than sitting my backside on the couch and engaging the art of filmwatching.

Resolution numero dos: Branch out! As time went by, I slowly realized that there's more to cinema than 1940s noir flicks with powerhouse ladies and rugged fellas. I will commit to exploring the silents, pre-codes, foreign, independent, and even contemporary (!) films. There are great films in every place and every time in history and I'm convinced that one cannot have a full cinematic experience without furthering one's self in these areas.

Resolution numero tres: Productivity is key! This one doesn't apply only to film, but I find that in my free time, I always seem to idle around, on Tumblr (those of you who share this poisonous social network with me know what I mean), so I've decided to channel my time toward doing actual things. When the day is over, I feel good and productive, not like I spent my whole night off scrolling down.

Resolution numero cuatro: Get organized! I need to organize the movies I've seen. Make a list, with ratings and so forth, of movies I've watched, movies I want to watch, who are the main stars, who directs, who produces, and that will make it easier to link information and cross-reference later. I'm gonna explore my options during the end of the year: Pen and paper? A website? Should I start using my iCheck Movies account? Or is there an app for it?

Resolution numero cinco: Focus on my favorite people. Filmography! Filmography! Filmography! I have not finished Katharine Hepburn's filmography. Hell, I have not finished anyone's filmography. I need to work on those of the above-mentioned redhead, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart, Greta Garbo and Barbara Stanwyck. Wish me luck.

Resolution numero seis: Ask my readers (that's you guys!) what they wanna read about. So, this is how I'm wrapping up this post. What would you like to see in 2013? Movie reviews? Articles? Stories about the lives of the stars? Tell me in the comments, I'd love some feedback!

Thank you for staying with me in 2012, and I'll see y'all next year.

So long,


  1. It's funny, reading your story of how you came across Kate is very similar to mine! And almost the same date too! How odd...!
    You should buy a film journal and write down everything you see!
    Happy New Year, Marcie! x

  2. 2012 was a very cool year for me, too! Well, in 2012 I met you and other marvelous classic film fans. My first Kate movie was Adam's Rib, back in July 1st 2009 and classic movies became a relief in my concentration camp life during high school. Now that I do a distance college course, I have much more time to watch films - more than 300 this year!
    This is why I love the classic film community: no matter for how long you're into this universe, you always can learn with someone's film tips.
    I've always been ambicious too, and my current goal is to write and publish four books in four years. Well, two are published and the third is finished!
    Kisses and Happy New Year!

  3. @Rosie: Thanks for the suggestion and for sharing your story, dear!

    @Le: you started with one of the very best! I must say I envy you for having known her for so long... I wish I hadn't wasted all this time! High school was hell for me too. And congratulations on almost finishing your goal! Best of luck to both of us!

  4. And by the way, Le, I've heard of the first and the second, what's the third book about?

    1. The third book is a novel whose plot is developed during military dictatorship. With hope and hard work, it'll be printed in 2013!

  5. Wow! Great resolutions! I hope you're able to keep up with your Classic Movie "hobby". :)

    All the best to you and yours in 2013!

  6. Congratulations and Happy new year! - Tom

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! to you and your loved ones.

    It's great to see this year has been so fulfilling for you and I hope 2013 is just as good. In regards to want I'd like to read from you, I say whatever you want to write about I'll love to read.

  8. Thank you and have a great new year, y'all!

  9. Just stumbled upon your site. Wanted to let you know that I love the look of it and that your passion for the classics is inspiring.

    keep the great work coming - here's hoping you can keep up with one or two of these lofty resolutions in 2013!