Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Favorite Movie Characters

Females - in no particular order 

1. Nina Ivana Yakushova, Ninotchka (1939), played by Greta Garbo

2. Marie "Slim" Browning, To Have and Have Not (1944), played by Lauren Bacall

3. Tess Harding, Woman of the Year (1942), played by Katharine Hepburn

 (we'll return to the post when you've caught your breath)

4. Tracy Lord, The Philadelphia Story (1940), played by Katharine Hepburn

5. Jean Maitland, Stage Door (1937), played by Ginger Rogers

6. Jo Stockton, Funny Face (1957), played by Audrey Hepburn

7. Ann Mitchell, Meet John Doe (1941), played by Barbara Stanwyck

8. Blanche Hudson, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962), played by Joan Crawford

9. Margo Channing, All About Eve (1950), played by Bette Davis

10. Sylvia Fowler, The Women (1939), played by Rosalind Russell

Honorable mentions: Irene Bullock, Carole Lombard on My Man Godfrey (1936) and Crystal Allen, Joan Crawford on The Women (1939)

Males - in no particular order

1. Henry Drummond, Inherit the Wind (1960), played by Spencer Tracy

2. Father Flanagan, Boys Town (1938), played by Spencer Tracy

3. Mike Connor, The Phildelphia Story (1940), played by James Stewart
(the picture speaks for itself - Jimmy's most hilarious role)

4. Norman Bates, Psycho (1960), played by Anthony Perkins

5. T. R. Devlin, Notorious (1946), played by Cary Grant

6. Jerry Travers, Top Hat (1935), played by Fred Astaire

7. John Wade Prentice, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967), played by Sidney Poitier

8. Rick Blaine, Casablanca (1942), played by Humphrey Bogart

9. Hynkel of Tomania, The Great Dictator (1940), played by Charlie Chaplin

10. Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind (1939), played by Clark Gable


Honorable mentions: Sam Spade, Humphrey Bogart on The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Nick Charles, William Powell on The Thin Man (1934)

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  1. Great list! Maybe I wouldn't be able to choose only ten of each. For sure, two that I'd include are Charles "Hoepsie", played by Henry Fonda in The Lady Eve, and Esther Blodgett form A Star is Born, played in 1937 by Janet Gaynor and in 1954 by Judy Garland.