Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Very, very late Classic Survey

Hello there, my pals and gals!

I'm just gonna leave this here for staring purposes

Yours truly reporting for duty, with another one of those rambly posts that are neither here nor there, but don't you worry, my dahlings, because this time I have an explanation: I've been caught up in writing a totality of THREE brand new posts which I'm terribly excited about: One about my favorite off-screen Hollywood romances, one about cinema royalty and who makes it (a post that includes heavy photoshopping - tiaras on Old Hollywood heads, what's not to like?), and of course, (and these are the loudest drumrolls you've ever heard) my letter to The Great, my impossible task of expressing my feelings for Katharine Hepburn in mere words. Yes, I've started my letter. Yes, I will not permit that it comes out as anything short of perfect. So y'all better get your game faces on

In order to fill in the void of meaningful posts while I diligently work on the three above-mentioned giants, I frantically looked for a theme that was easy to discuss but yet interesting enough for you guys to like it. After all, you guys make Best of The Past what it is, and who would I do this for except for me (obviously) and you? :')

So, one of these days I was watching I Love Lucy (something I don't do very much -haha, who am I kidding?) and I, on some sort of impulsive decision I was sure I would regret later, decided to read EVERYTHING my dear friend Rianna had written about The Redhead herself. Now if you guys are unfamiliar with the likes of Rianna, you must know that she is one of the biggest fans Ms. Ball has ever had the fortune to have. And she has written, well, quite a lengthy bit about Lucy. 

Reading those delightful posts became a very dear task, and, as I later found out, I had something to do on my blog! The fact is, she created a Classic Movie survey in February (I KNOW! Dont blame me for the lateness, how was I supposed to know??) that sounded really really interesting, so I decided to give it a shot. Interesting fact that I will have a hard time sharing: this survey was created February 1st, exactly 13 days BEFORE I became a classic movie fan. Don't judge - it's time y'all know the truth: I've been in this delightful world for less than a year. 

Shocking revelations aside, the survey goes like this:

1. Favorite classic Disney? 
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
The original story for this by the Grimm Brothers is actually pretty macabre, but, Disney did a great job in making it children-friendly. It was the first Disney movie I really loved.

2. Favorite film from the year 1939?
The Women. It's pure comedic genius. I'm horrified to find out it was remade in 2008.

 3. Favorite Carole Lombard Screwball role? 

Bless My Man Godfrey (1936)

4. Favorite off screen couple? (It’s ok if it ended in divorce.) 
Baby and Baby. Kate and Spence are a very very close second, but ultimately, these two win my heart.

5. Favorite pair of best friends? (i.e: Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford)
The two most talented people who ever graced the silver screen were also very good friends. They met through Spencer Tracy, a person Bogie cared for and admired very deeply since 1930. They had really strong personalities. Kate used to criticize him for drinking too much and not taking care of his health (yes, I'm her reincarnation) and he used to call her a sissy because she wouldn't use the bushes as a bathroom (LOL). However, they liked each other a lot. Kate and Spence were the only ones that never missed one of Bogie's "surprise" birthday parties (that after a few years, were no longer a surprise) on Christmas Eve. An anecdote about their friendship: When Bogart died, Kate and Spence went over to his house. Betty was crying, and so was Spencer, but Kate was so shocked she couldn't shed a tear. As a demonstration of how inadequate she felt without her friend, she attended his funeral wearing a skirt. Things like these restore my faith in humanity. 

 6. Favorite actor with a mustache? 
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about any other actors with mustaches

 7. Favorite blonde actress? 
Lauren Bacall
There were other blond actresses more talented than she was, I believe, but she is one of my all-around favorite people

8. Favorite pre-code? 
City Lights

9. Which studio would you have liked to join?

 10. Favorite common on screen pairing that SHOULD have gotten married?
Well, first and foremost,
But I don't see how anyone could be more married than these two. Honestly, I don't care about a piece of paper or a ring, and I don't think it would've changed a thing if they did, so, I'm gonna have to go with

 11. Favorite I Love Lucy episode?
The episode where I truly fell in love with her was "Lucy Fakes Illness", so that one is pretty special to me. But, my favorite scene in the history of the show is the ending of "Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable". It was the single most romantic thing I've ever seen on TV. Just beforehand, they talk on the phone and when he's about to hang up, he says "Goodbye, angel": My heart simply quakes. 

 12. Out of these actresses which one do you like best: Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Greer Garson, Grace Kelly, or Katharine Hepburn? 
In case anyone had any doubts

13. Shadowy film noir from the 1940’s or splashy colorful musicals from the 1950’s? 

14. Actor or actress with the best autograph (photo preferred)
"Love, Lucy"

In time: I'd like to share one of the sweetest letters I've ever read. I found it online and it's addressed to Gary Morton (I know, Mr. Ball himself. She did love him. The guy was a saint.), in Lucy's handwriting.
"I'm so sorry you are away - you'll miss Florence Henderson in "Brady Bunch" and Durward Kirby is on during the days - We'll make it up to you - somehow - Please try to think of me more often than you miss your golf. That is an order! Have I ever thanked you enough for being such a great father to my children? No, I haven't. Not enough. You're really something! And I have so much to thank you for. Love you."

15. A baby (or childhood, or teenage) photo of either your favorite actress or actor (or both, if you’d like.)
Behold: Humphrey Bogart in 1901. 

My favorite actress was a pretty cute baby in her own right (even then her mouth turned downward :'D), but the pre-Hollywood pictures I like the most are the ones of her in Bryn Mawr College. I love looking at Kate carrying books, living in a dorm, taking part in school plays, field trips, having a good time with her cutesy boyfriend, playing golf with her peers and studying for exams. 
And now, for your viewing pleasure, the greatest actress who ever lived, as a college girl, looking gloriously... normal.

Sophomore year as a History and Philosophy double-major (SKIRT?)

Senior play

with her boyfriend Luddy

Aah, the days where stars were just people, people who went to college, had cute baby pictures and wrote letters to their husbands. 
I guess we all miss those days. Even us who never lived them. 

So long,


  1. Cute survey. I loved that you said 'The Women' as the best film of '39. It's probably my favourite non-Precode film ever. Also, love the yound pic of Bogie. So cute!!

  2. Hi Marcela, enjoyed your survey, and i'm glad you found the wonderful world of classics. The Women is perfection and it was remade in 1956 too as a campy musical, horror! Loved the pic of Bogie, how adorable!

  3. Err'body loves baby Bogie HAHA :)

    @Emma: It's amazing, isn't it? I had the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen! Out of curiosity, what is your favorite movie ever? :)

    @Alyssa: I'm glad too!! OMG, people should stop remaking The Women! It doesn't get any better than Norma, Joan and Roz!

  4. My favourite film changes. As you know I am Precode mad. So between the hilarious 'Gold Diggers of 1933' (1933) and 'Female' (1933). I didn't mind the remake of 'The Women', it was clearly not as good as the original but it was interesting to see how they translated it into a modern context :)

    1. I have to be sure to check those out! Thanks!

  5. You made a lot of progress in less than a year of classic film fandom!
    Bogie for sure was cute. Did you know that Baby Bogart had his image in a baby food advertisement campaign?
    Kate's photos at college are amazing. I've seen several of her in the outfit for the senior play, as well as an amazon warrior outfit.

    1. Thanks dear, I think so too!
      Bogie was sure a doll. His mom, Maud Humphrey, was a children's book illustrator and she often used Bogie as a model :)
      I love normal, relatable Kate! The warrior outfit was for a play she did on Broadway called "The Warrior's Husband" right after she left BM :)
      Kisses dear!

  6. I enjoyed reading your answers and you found some great pictures... You mentioned some of my favorites. I agree, The Women. Is a perfect film, which I never get tired of watching..