Saturday, 22 September 2012

Golden Age Poetry

Hello all!
Since I was very young, I always loved poetry. Reading it, writing it, everything to do with it. I disagree with whoever it was that said a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, not a thousand pictures may be worth one single word. We're all bloggers here, we all know the power a few words can have. Since this is a classic Hollywood blog, I'll engage you in a simple experiment. I'll put down a few groups, each with 3 words or less, and I'll bet they'll evoke a million different memories in all classic film fans out there.

Just whistle.
Always have Paris.
Blame on Mame.
Mother! Blood!
Now, Ricky...
Nobody's perfect!
Moon river

Now, it is the power of words that touched me to write what I'm publishing here today. It's a compilation of poems I have written about/to/from Old Hollywood stars. These were all expressions of my personal feelings and understanding toward them, and although I hope you'll like them, maybe you'll find they don't make you feel the same way they made me.
Anyhoo, check it out!

Scarlet-Colored Sky -> I wrote this poem after seeing a very sad video about Lucy's death. I started imagining her eyes closing, her soul being lifted up and by the time she got to heaven, the entire sky turned scarlet. As red as her hair, as red as her soul that burned non-stop for 77 years. And now, even when she's gone, we still feel her close. Because that was Lucy, that's what she did.

It’s a lovely glow that sparks a twilight
a pretty shine in the bluest eye
a sea of laughter in the Milky Way
it’s in your scarlet-colored sky
it’s a scarlet-colored soul
that floats around us every day
it’s a scarlet-colored dream
rays of sunshine in the Milky Way
because you’re here and I can feel it
wherever it was you chose to go
there was nothing you could do to stop it
you are all we’ll ever know
there’s a silence in the air tonight
because your voice was muffled down
and don’t you think you lost the fight
you’re a queen without a crown
the love we have will never end
if a thousand years go by
and countless hearts you’ll help to mend
from your scarlet-colored sky
you were given from on up high
you were a gift to the world that day
and now you watch what you left behind
from the scarlet Milky Way
and what a dream you made come true
your whole life in red and blue
our hearts that beat as one for you
and the promise to make it through
because you were our brightest star
every minute of every day
and the simple fact of who you are
will shine on and show us the way
I feel you telling me every night
that you will always be by my side
whether it’s beating inside my heart
or from your scarlet-colored sky.

Easy -> Now, this one was written when I was thinking about how much Bogie had to leave behind when he died as prematurely as he did. I started wondering what he would say to the people he left here if he could somehow communicate with them.

Hey, brother, can you spare a dime? 
I have a vital call to make
I have to reach out from the sky
spare a dime for heaven’s sake
I need to tell her about the truth
you see, I have much more to say
or else the thoughts inside my head
will never see the light of day
I left her broken, all alone
I wish I didn’t have to go that way
I can feel it in my every bone
She needs to hear my voice today
And if she was here right now
This is what I would say:
“It would be easy, so they said
Life, or whatever you call it
It’s easy to stay on the surface
The road is straight, the sky is solid
But, the truth, Baby, is that it isn’t
Life is hard, I’ve come to know
But every step in a bumpy road
Is an inch of spirit that you will grow
You know you have my hand to hold
You know you have me inside your heart
You know the ones we truly love?
From those we never drift apart
The truth is, Baby, I’m proud of you
For keeping that smile shining all the time
I wish I could tell you how much I love you
If I only  could spare a dime
They said it’s easy to be left behind
You’re still living, I’m the one who’s died
But it’s not easy, Baby girl
To keep that pain bottled up inside
But don’t you know our time will come
What we did was just begin
I gave you fire to live without me
Keep that fire deep within
I’ve come to know eternity
Believe me, Baby, it is true
Life is hard and so is death
What’s awful easy is loving you.”

To fly -> This one was the one that killed me the most to write. I was watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941) and there's a scene where Carole Lombard's character gets trapped with Robert Montgomery on a Ferris wheel. During the scene, it shows her up in the air, looking down, terrified to fall. And I immediately thought of the plane accident that killed her, and how she must've felt then. That thought alone disturbed me profoundly, but then, to convince myself that the truth wasn't as bad as it sounded, I wrote this poem to remind me that it's only fair for an angel like Ms. Lombard to die flying. 

I have a dream that I won’t let go
I want to fly, I always did
And when I’m feeling my spirit soar
Inside my heart, I’ll be just a kid
I wish I could stay for dinner
But heaven calls and I must reply
I’ll be much more than a saint or sinner
It’s time to jump up into the sky
“A profane angel”, they used to say
And I hope in bed, you’ll dream of me
But I must go, go seize the day
Because my last, it may well be
I really do wish I could stay
But the final time must come for all
And if I can’t avoid this day
I may as well just have a ball
It’s merely a change of what’s outside
Because my soul is already in flight
And if I do have to leave behind
Everything that I’ve yearned to find
If it’s the end, and I cannot fight
At least I have to fly away tonight
And with all my dreams, I soon will die
I go, but I have in mind
That I once knew what it was like
To fly.  

Lucky -> This poem I wrote randomly. I literally had no reason to write it, haha. All I know is that I really love this poem named "The Waltz", by a Brazilian writer named Casimiro de Abreu. He used one to three words in every line, so that when you read it, it has the same beat as a waltz. I feel like this was inspired by him.

You were
The world twirls
when you stir

I hope
You concur
There's no one
No, sir
That can be
What you were
So lucky
To be

Waste -> This one I wrote when I finished watching Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. These two are such superb actresses and such splendid people that I wish they'd gotten along better. Even though I'm fascinated by their feud, if they were friends, they would probably have been my favorite Hollywood friendship. Feud aside, however, I must say I get the feeling that they respect each other as professionals very much.

What a look in your face, Ms. D
What a smile, that was, Ms. C
What a story you've thrown to me
What a way to end this scene
While all the while the world pretends
That all this time, you could've been friends
What a waste

Think of Me -> This one I wrote about Marilyn Monroe. It's a message to all those who misquote and paint an unflattering picture of this truly misunderstood soul who always did her best.

Think of me when you see my look in other eyes
Think of what I was trying to disguise
Think of the life that could’ve been mine
Think of the stars that didn’t shine
Think of me when the world is spinning out of control
And you think you’ll lose your own soul
Trust me when I say I’ll show
A side of you you’d never know
Think of me when the stars are bright
It will be me lighting up your night
Because my fire will never cease
Think of me when you hear those lies
Think of the legacy I left behind
Think of the pain I must feel inside
With every truth that they try to hide
Because, honey, what I’m trying to find
Is a way to say that I’m still alive
And there’s still so much more of me
It is my hope, I’m telling you
It was my hope that made it through
I wish that you will have it too
Because what is life without a light
At the end of the tunnel, so bright
I hope it makes you survive the fight
Because, darling, it’s not over yet
Think of me when the spotlight hits your face
And you feel it had to be this way
I was made
To be yours. 

I hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know what you think and I'll see y'all later! :)

So long,


  1. Beautiful post, beautiful blog. Keep up the great work!


  2. Those poems were beautiful and a joy to read even though they made me teary. Great work!

  3. Oh, they were marvelous! I won some contests with poems I wrote, but now I think I'm most driven to write prose. And in English the task would be even harder to me!
    Kisses and congratulations!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely Marcela! Thanks for sharing! :-)