Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A violet soul: Fashion inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

Hello, my pals and gals! Here's another fashion post comin' right up, after I did one on Katharine Hepburn. I personally adore those, and when I was thinking of who I was gonna talk about this time, I'm surprised Lizzie wasn't the first one to pop up in my head. Her style was unique, fun and completely achievable! By the way, because Liz changed so much her style throughout her life, we'll only be talking about her "younger" period, from her late teens to her early forties. Ready? Set, go!

1. The curvy road ahead
Liz and her perfect proportions
I've seen folks who don't know much about Elizabeth Taylor's career mindlessly say that she got on by looks rather than talent. While it is true that Lizzie has won two Oscars, I can see where that absurd thought could come from. Her figure was one of the most perfect in the history of Hollywood. And she knew it, making sure to accent it in every outfit. Now, if you are one of the 99.9% of the women in the world whose figure is not as perfect as Lizzie's, there are plenty of ways in which you can create the illusion that it is. All you have to do is attract attention to the smaller part of your body. For instance, if your hips are larger than your breasts (bottom heavy), make sure to add frills, patterns and colors to the top of your body. If you have the opposite figure, do the opposite. Get the idea? Read more about it here. Finish off by cinching your outfits at the waist to add yet more shape.

2. What a sweetheart
To flaunt her flawless cleavage area, Taylor's neckline of choice was the "sweetheart". With two downward arches, either pronounced or subtle (the dress above is still considered a sweetheart neckline) forming the top part of a heart, it is the most flattering neckline ever created for every type of woman. It was not, however, Elizabeth's only choice. She was also a particular fan of plunging V's and U's.

Wearing a breezy summer dress in 1959
3. It's always sunny in Taylorland
Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe must've been full of summer dresses, since they were her signature piece. Whether they would be plain or patterned, they would always bring a relaxed and easy feel to her outfits. Usually with a flowy skirt (but she would occasionally go tight all-around), perfectly fitted at the waist and either sleeveless or strapless. They were widely varied and almost any summer dress would fit the standard, but the one thing you should mind is the colors: Always fun and playful, never a black, brown or anything that would remind you of winter, sadness or darkness. Lizzie was all about the lights.

4. Over the rainbow
As I said before, Lizzie was all about the lights. It wasn't hard to have all the spotlights pointed at you when you had a beauty like hers, so she made sure to bring color wherever she went. Gorgeous greens, bright reds, fun yellows, she wasn't afraid of anything! With her skin tanned to perfection, eyes of a dazzling violet and pitch black hair, the combination was infallible. Also, don't be afraid of patterns, but if you do rock a bold one, keep the rest of it simple: the makeup, the hair, the accessories and, for the love of  God, the shoes.

5. Cat on a hot tin roof
Her signature cat-eye look
Now, with Lizzie's makeup you do not mess. She consistently wore one signature look all time (except for when her character required otherwise, naturally). She had a genetic mutation (and what a desirable mutation!) called distichiasis (cough cough), which meant she was born with an extra set of lashes, to frame her perfect violet eyes. She was even criticized for wearing too much eye make up as a kid, when she wasn't wearing any. To make her "mutation" shine through, she wore loads of black eyeliner. She made sure to line her upper lash line and wing it out, making a cat-eye effect. Because her eyes were so distinctive, she usually went neutral on the lips. 

6. I just threw this on
A key aspect of Liz's outfits, perhaps the most crucial one, was to always look natural. Don't ever look too put-together, too doll-y, like you spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting yourself. Liz surely didn't need it and, trust me, you probably don't either. Look at the picture on the right and see how pretty she is, smiling casually for the camera and raising her signature thick eyebrows. She is so natural, so much herself, and so perfect in her own way. She carried all her looks with confidence, relaxation and the certainty that she was beautiful inside and out. Do the same thing and not only will be embodying Lizzie's style, but you will come off even more beautiful than you already are.

Now, how about some wearable outfits?

Outfit L - Casual day at the park

Outfit I - Off to college

Outfit Z - Partyin' it up

That's it for today's post, folks, I hope you all enjoyed it very much, and I'll see y'all later!

So long,

P.S. 250 Movies Update: Vertigo (1958) and Inherit The Wind (1960)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Liz's figure. I want it soo bad but I dont think hours of exercise will get it for me. She personified the classic goddess without being trashy and I adore that pastel green dress.

    1. I don't think there has ever been a beauty like Liz in the world, let alone in the movies! She stands alone! That's why I came to grips long ago with the fact that my figure will never be like hers ahahah I love her style!

  2. If they could have put together Liz Taylor and Tyrone power in the same movie, it would have been the most beautiful movie in the world! The college outfit is just lovely!
    Passo aqui para avisar que tem um selinho em meu blog esperando por você! Beijos!

    1. I agree! Robert Montgomery, Paul Newman and Cary Grant would also be wise choices :D
      Muito obrigada!

  3. Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' - amazing.