Saturday, 4 August 2012

Overwhelming happiness!

This is probably the happiest day my (somewhat short) blogging life has ever afforded me. I came home to two blogging awards (actually, 5 if you look at it literally!)
First things first, I was awarded by my beautiful friend Natalie, at In The Mood with a Liebster Award! It's my second one ever, the first one being awarded by Ms. Rianna, at Frankly My Dear! Now, since she was nice enough to appoint me as one of her 11 worthy people (thank you so much, dear), I will gladly be giving out 11 facts about me and answering 11 questions of Nat's choice. Ready or not, here I come!

1. I don't drink, don't smoke and don't do drugs. 
2. Medicine is my career and my life of choice.
3. I don't want children. 
4. My favorite song is "My Way", by Frank Sinatra.
5. I despise the fabricated, Photoshop beauty that is promoted by today's media. 
6. People think I'm a hipster when they find out my taste in movies...
7....and they think I can't be an intellectual when they find out how much I love fashion.
8. But, I don't seem to care about their judgement. 
9. Lately, I've been growing more and more fond of Old Hollywood autobiographies
10. My favorite is By Myself, by Lauren Bacall but...
11.... Stories of My Life, by Katharine Hepburn, changed mine. 

Now, for the questions from my lovely friend:

1. In film do you prefer black&white or color? B&W!
2. In photographs do you prefer black&white or color? Color, I have to say.
3. Your favorite era in music? 1955-1967
4. Do you have a tumblr? Yup!
5. Your second favorite actress? Ingrid Bergman!
6. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actress? Notorious (1946)
7. Your second favorite actor? Cary Grant
8. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actor? Notorious (1946) - what a coincidence!
9. Favorite foreign film? La Vie En Rose (France)
10. Ice cream or French fries? ICE CREAM
11. If you could see your favorite actress in any movie role [real or imagined] what would it be? She would make a killer Margaret Thatcher or any female chief of state.

Now, for the second much-anticipated part of my endless happiness:

I placed as a runner-up on the Annual Writing Contest presented by! I'm still in shock with this result, I never expected to get so far up! I am only 4 days short of 2 months on Blogger! There were so many amazing bloggers competing with so many amazing pieces, my mind was completely blown away by the talent that is out there. I would like to congratulate everyone who participated on this amazing contest - you are all, truly, remarkable writers - and especially to my dear friend Natalie (yes, same Natalie from above, this girl dazzles me), who won THIRD PLACE, and was an honorable mention among the 30 participating bloggers! She is more than worthy of this thrilling result and there is no one else I would like more to have on the top three with me. If you take time to read her piece, I promise you will not regret it. 
Now, I was honored to make 2nd Place on the contest with my article on Katharine Hepburn and the rise of feminism. I was very happy that this was the article that did it because I took great joy in writing it, it's a topic I'm passionate about and a person whose (positive!) influence in my life I have no longer words for. I have to admit that I myself liked it a lot reading it back. I think my belief in the female cause and my love for Kathy shined through in my writing and this was the reason it came out in a way that made me exultantly happy. 

One catch though: I didn't write one article for this contest. I wrote four. And they all made the top ten. 
There is no way I can describe in words my pride and my thrill in making the top ten four times in this contest. To say I never expected it is an understatement. I feared my Hitchcock poem would be misinterpreted, my Betty piece was too long, and I thought The African Queen was just not a beloved enough movie to make my piece on it a success. But I was amazed to find out they were pronounced fourth, fifth and sixth best articles in the contest, respectively.

At this point in time, I can only say thank you. Thank you to Rianna, my dearly beloved first Blogger friend, without whom I would've deleted my blog on its first post, to Natalie, such a remarkable girl who made this expectation process a lot easier, to Katie, who let me know about this contest, to David on Film-Classics for being so attentive and to the judges, for such lovely comments. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So long, 
with all my love, 


  1. Congratulations on being honored in the Annual Writing Contest! It's ridiculous that people would assume you're less intellectual because you enjoy fashion. I've always loathed the human tendency to put each other into little boxes -- know what I mean? :)

  2. Thanks!! Yeah, it's awful, isn't it? People can have multiple interests! :)