Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Happy two months to a whole new us!

Hello, everybody! Hello all the friends I didn't think I would make. All the readers I didn't think I would please. All the bloggers I didn't know I would love. Hello blogosphere!

Here's one thing you all need to know about my blog: It's not even close to being my first blog ever. Since my passion for writing is so big, I've had about 5 blogs before this one, all of them without a specific theme and all of them in my mother language, Portuguese. I started them and I wrote, but I didn't bother to read other blogs, comment on them, interact with the amazing people behind the screen and live my blogging experience to the fullest. That is probably why I never had any readers and my follower count was always at zero.

When I started off, 2 months ago today, I was living in Paris, and, one rainy day that my internet wasn't working, I sat down on the floor of my neighbor's house with my laptop. "Let's give this blogging thing one last shot." Fifteen minutes later, I had a blog. A title I made up without much thought, no background, a header I made on Paint and sloppiness written all over it. Why? Why didn't I sit down and do something decent, dedicate myself to this for once in a lifetime? The answer is: Because I thought nothing whatsoever could possibly come out of this blog.

Now, 2 months, 15 followers, 22 posts and 2 awards later, I'm happy to say that I was wrong. I'm still on my first steps, certainly. There's much more to be seen and done and read but I am off to a swell start. I'm so happy to be here. I don't feel lazy when I think about writing a post, I feel creative and stimulated and I can't wait to think of something to write. This is the best way I found to express my love for all things old and I'm exulting that I did.

Now, I have to give one little person (I have a feeling that she is even littler than I think) all of the credits for my making it this far. Not a few of the credits, not some of the credits, but all of them. You'll see that the first post on this blog was on June 8th and the second one was on June 29th. In this 21 day window, I was waiting to see if I would get any comments, any followers, any sign of human presence on my blog. When I was ready to press delete, thinking this would be one more failed blog on my lovely record of failed blogs, this person came to my rescue. "Don't delete it," she said. "I don't know how many readers you're gonna have, but you already have one: me." And I didn't. Thank you, Ri. Thank you so much.

And today I see that this has taken a direction that differs from the one I originally intended. This is called "Best of the Past", not "Best of Hollywood Past", mind you, so I was actually thinking (silly me) that I would be able to talk about all aspects of the 20th century. But, I have involuntarily tended to Old Hollywood over any other aspect of the past (Can you blame me?). In fact, show me one post where I haven't even mentioned Old Hollywood. Doesn't exist. Therefore, in this two month milestone, I am not going to change it: I'm going to embrace it. From now on, this will be a heavily cinematic blog. Old Hollywood makes me too darn happy for me to talk about anything else on here. And I'm sure that's what y'all wanna read anyway, am I right?

So, in order to symbolize that change, there it is! Shining bright on my newly-made navigation bar, my top 10 actors/actresses list! Yay! Go check that out and we'll exchange some notes later, huh? My header is also new, took a little time to make, but I'm super proud of it. I have a background now, and a slogan too! "You must remember this", a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh... I could go on forever.

Now, to everyone who has stuck with me for the last two months: Thank you. This has been more fun than I ever imagined. And I can't wait for them to turn into two years. And more!

Thank you so much, my swell friends!

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So long, my pals and gals,

P.S. Excuse my sunny, funny face on the sidebar. I gotta be present on my own blog, don't I? :)


  1. Ahh, congratulations, dahling! I'm sure you'll have many more anniversaries to come! And thank you SO much for all the kind things you said, you're a dear :)

  2. The new visual is great! Nice that you're now more willing to keep on blogging, your writing style is great! A lot of good things already happened, and I wish a lot more to come!

    1. Thank you dear, I really do hope so! Cheers!