Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A poem by me

When the night falls like teardrops from the pitch black sky
with no escape from the fog that comes clouding your eyes
and the world twirls in horror at the endless wintertime
he kisses death in the face and she feels privately defied
He pulled dreams out of thin air
He made fascination from despair
He made history, and, without a care
Left a little of him there
He despised the unrealistically tense
And took only what wasn’t pretence 
And when each drop of blood cost him fifty pence
He became the world’s master of suspense
The world was astonished with the words of the Swede
“An adorable genius” was the one to beat
When he told her to “fake it”, if it wasn’t so neat
She, with all of her might, was down at his feet
As the years, in silence, made their way
He made the wings of the birds beat like hearts in pain
He made your neighbor close his back window in vain
And a simple shower enough to drive anyone insane
He found a friend and a star he set free
 A pair of eyes warmer than a cup of early tea
They had talent as the world never failed to agree
And the eyes shined even brighter than his name on a marquee
He had a princess on the palm of his hand
A delicate flower that made herself his friend
Her perfect smile sparkled ‘til the end
And there was no broken heart her Grace couldn’t mend
He had a ruthless exterior, but inside of his heart
There was character that could not be torn apart
And with every new movie that he was to start
From the horror he built he couldn’t be further apart
And when his actors were applauded and loved every day
He sighed and he whispered “it had to be this way”
His skin was melting down and his hair was going gray
Let the real stars shine all the way
But what he didn’t know how to turn off the switch
Of the eternal light of a life so rich
He was the real star, one he built, every single stitch
He was all, he was it, he was Hitch