Friday, 8 June 2012

Here's to the past!

Norma Shearer, looking young and lovely
Hello girlies!
This blog is nothing more than what it seems: A celebration of the past! Let's face it: all those movies, songs, clothes, lifestyles, and so forth survived the test of time! They were alive forty, fifty, sixty, seventy years ago, and they're still just as alive now! This is why they are called "vintage". They are classics. They were amazing enough to survive decades. This is gonna be a space to discuss and drool over everything that is old, cute and fascinating. You guys are more than welcome to bring in ideas.
I have to admit I find the classics absolutely marvellous. My friends say my soul is 88 years old, and considering the present in comparison to the past, I consider it a compliment. The past is permeated with extraordinary people who had so much to say and who left their message in this world in the most various ways. It is our jobs as citizens of the present to look back and recognize the value of these messages, and not let them ever be forgotten. I'm very inspired by the past, and I try to incorporate those values into my everyday life as a 21st century girl. And it is more than possible to do so.
Let's all sit down and have a swell little tea party like we're all girlfriends!

So long,
Marcela Costa


  1. Ah! I just fell in love with your blog! Thank you for following me or I never would have found you [horrible thought, ain't it?]. Anyhow, you'll be seeing me around. <3

    ~Natalie @ In the Mood

    1. Aww Nat, thanks so much! Thank YOU for following me! I'll be glad to see you around and welcome!!! :D

  2. I love your blog!! The picture of Grace is beautiful. I hope to read more from you in the future.

    1. Hey, Emma! Thanks for the lovely comment! I sure will be writing much more in the future! Stay tuned!